Garmin GPS III+ Waypoint Icons


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For easy reference, I have listed all available waypoint icons for the Garmin GPS III+
in the above GIF file, along with their associated icon numbers. Some programs use
icon numbers rather than names when transferring waypoints from a file to the GPS;
hopefully you will find this chart useful in identifying which icon you want to use.
Leading zeros in the icon number are not necessary, they were used here simply to
sort the grid numerically instead of alphabetically.

To see what these look like on the GPS screen, I have waypoint files for GPSy
and MacGPS Pro; you can click below to download the desired file.
These files, when uploaded, will create a grid of icons similar to that above,
just north of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, near N33 W97.

GPSy Waypoint Icon File
MacBinary (.bin)
BinHex (.hqx)
MacGPS Pro Icon File
MacBinary (.bin)
BinHex (.hqx)

(These files must be extracted using StuffIt Expander.)

I also have a tab-delimited text file available that provides icon number in the Name field,
description in the Comment field, and the lat/long used to generate the files above.
This raw data can be used to customize your own icon list if desired, using other programs.

Waypoint Icon Text File

You can select "Download Link To Disk" or a similar feature in your
browser while clicking this link; if not, just click then save as a text file.

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to me at Thanks!


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